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Tiny Home Village


  • Provide individualized transitional housing for young adults and families with children as their first step in longer term stability through unique Tiny Home Villages
ACCESS Housing is excited about this opportunity to serve more young people under the age of 24 years old through our commitment to Housing First. Our unique Tiny Home Village will provide non-congregated shelter and case management services in a neighborly setting in order to make an impact on breaking the cycle of generational homelessness.

Why is our village different from other examples currently within the Metro Denver area?

  1. EACH Tiny Home built by local high school students has its own complete kitchen and bathroom within the unit.
  2. Due to the unique build of EACH Tiny Home, our upfront developmental plans have to address individualized water access, sewer requirements and electrical hook-ups for occupancy.
  3. Based on our ROI and as part of our community commitment, ACCESS Housing needs to purchase the land for our own program stability and investment in these Tiny Home Villages.
  4. As a good neighbor, ACCESS Housing wants to be able to make ongoing improvements over time to our land asset such as trees, garden landscaping, playgrounds, outdoor seating areas
    and neighborhood-friendly fencing investments.
Tiny home on wheels


Make the Village a reality and get our first Tiny Home occupied ASAP.

Phase 0:

The actual building of each Tiny Home is its own project, separate from the village(s). Through an MOU with the Adams 12 Five Star Foundation and the Adams 12 School District’s CTE program, ACCESS Housing receives a completed Tiny Home each June for the next five years. The cost of each tiny home builds are outside of this Tiny Home Village Project. As of February 2023, the high school students are already half-way through the building of Tiny Home #2.


Facilitate the land acquisition(s)

  • Fundraise for ongoing Village development costs
  • Complete real estate transaction starting with the lot next to ACCESS Housing’s current location
Plan drawing

Phase 2: PLAN & PERMIT

Identify & fulfill all planning and local permitting requirements

  • Define all site plans, entitlement requirements, budget-impacts starting with designated site in Commerce City
  • Complete all permit, zoning, and/or licensing requirements across all local municipality stakeholders
Plan drawing
Plan drawing with playground


Implement Development of land to receive Tiny Home(s)

  • Execute all on-property installments and preparations for hook-ups and occupancy certification for current and each future Tiny Home
Photo of Tiny House Village