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September Beautification Event

Please bring a friend and your strongest gardening gloves to

Join other volunteers
from ACCESS Housing
and the Junior League of Denver

Saturday, Sept 18, 2021

9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Together we are beautifying our outside areas for the children.

While we’ve been busy renovating and addressing the interior needs of our family units, the playground, exterior fencing and existing mulch around our garden beds have been overrun by weeds and various critters!

For this day’s event, there are 3 ways to participate:

1. Volunteer to do the work — pulling weeds, repairing fences, cutting down dead trees, planting bulbs, etc.

2. Provide In-kind donation — leading up to the day bags of mulch, potting soil, spring bulbs, etc.

3. Send Cash — to assist with purchasing section of missing fence, mulch, timbers, refreshments, etc.