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For over 37 years, ACCESS Housing has been dedicated to helping families maintain a safe home for raising their children. Learn how we are helping today!

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Since its founding in 1983, ACCESS Housing looks to provide relevant services for our immediate local community. From our traditional housing units to wrap-around services to food pantry items, ACCESS Housing has evolved with the needs of our community. Visit various parts of our website to understand our current operations, families served and ways to get involved today.

Here is a link to our assistance application in which you have until the 10th of the month to submit the application.  Please note you must be an Adams County resident as the first criteria for our assistance efforts.

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An April 2020 national study found that the COVID-19 pandemic had disproportionally affected low-income populations and that a higher percentage of low-income families (51.2%) reported job loss, reduction in work hours, or a reduction in income compared to middle- and high-income families (32.2%).

Source: Urban Institute


Due to domestic violence, Pali became homeless.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness along with National Network to End Domestic Violence, violence in the home remains a top reason a typical family, often comprised of a single mother and an average of two children, immediately becomes homelessness.

Pali came to ACCESS Housing living out of her van with her daughter. Tired of the abuse, Pali packed up what she could in her van and left her husband. While living in her van for several months, Pali would go to the gas station to wash up for the day before taking her daughter to school. READ MORE ABOUT PALI’S STORY